Project DISHA

In India 68.84% population still resides in the villages where there are limited resources and exposure, especially in the field of education, for the coming generation kids who are going to be leading the future of India. Our effort is to make digital education accessible to even the most remote location in India so that the future of India can learn and grow with the progressing world.


Digital Education for every student


To Empower 10 states of Indian with 10,000 village schools having computer labs and digital education by 2022

Efforts By The Government

Government of Rajasthan has made an effort in past to put up labs in school villages of Rajasthan under the name of ICT LABS, in various phases but lack of monitoring, lack of teaching staff and lack of periodic quality check, the labs today are damaged and are not in working condition. 

Udaipur District has:

 – 17 Blocks

 – 14342 Total Schools

 – 712 Sr. Sec. Schools

 – 485387 Students


Blocks In Udaipur District

Problem Statement

Many government schools have been given technology access by installation of mini labs / few computers etc. but there has been no curriculum or teachers or any projects that have been run for the digital education to reach these kids in village schools. Setting up few computers in each school means nothing if there is no teaching staff, no projects and no curriculum. ICT Labs that were put by government in different phases are mostly damaged (phase 1 and phase 2 are completely damaged) and thus there is a need to put a holistic 360-degree solution in place.

3 Key Challenges

The computer lab installation happens in 4 phases covering 1000 schools in the region of Udaipur, (Nathdwara) and Rajsamand district.
The project includes the following:

  • Setting up computer labs
  • Curriculum and study material for the lab study
  • Project work, application-based learning
  • Appointment of teachers for the course
  • Monitoring and Surveillance

Founder of Empowering Billions Hurratul Maleka Taj , during her internship with Vedanta Group in the far off villages of Rajasthan discovered that there are many young kids in the villages who have a lot of potential but do not have the right resources. For instance during her visit to the village TIDI, she was to address a self help group where she was working on her laptop and a woman named Leela Bai came up to her and with a lot of curiosity sat near her gazing at the laptop screen and the work she was doing. She told Hurratul that thought her daughter is studying in the government school and the education is free but she would never be able to match up to the kids in city schools who learn on computers and use laptops. Then she went on saying if you can help our kids with the computer education because that will be very helpful. Hurratul’s effort in this direction is for those kids who are deserving and talented but need a right platform and resources to kick start. 

So the whole project spans over two years with 4 phases.

Each phase is 6 months with 5 months or project implementation and 1 month of monitoring and maintenance.